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The XXXV Annual Symposium was held in Boston Massachusetts on June 6th-9th, 2013. Those of us who attended from the Long Island Chapter had a great time, meeting old acquaintances, making new friends, learning about group work around the world and presenting our own papers/workshops/posters:

Bev Feigelman
The Impact of Stigma on Survivors Bereaved by Suicide Loss: 
How Support Groups Facilitate Healing

Ed Paley
The Importance of Groups in Helping Bereaved Parents Cope 
After the Death of a Child

Sari Skolnik, Pamela Brodlieb, Lynn Meir
The Group Work Ensemble: Working to Develop the Next Generation

Bernadine Waller
The Relevance of Targeting Moral Development in Batterer 
Intervention Groups for Black Men: A Critical Review

Deirdre Weliky
Hey, They Stole Our Card Room: Planning an Evidence 
Based Group to Address Diversity Issues in a Senior Center

Carol Cohen
Women's Voices in Group Work
The IASWG Standards for Social Work Practice with Groups: Celebrating the Special Issue of Social Work with Groups

Sandra Radzanower Wolkoff
Social Group Work Does it Again:
A Transformative Experience in a Bereaved Parents Writing Group
 Long Island Chapter News
A group of us participated in the Boston Pride Parade on Saturday, proudly wearing our IASWG tee shirts.